Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trip to Prague

Hi there - I promised to post some pictures from our visit to Prague. My daughter, Alison and I went to see the Christmas markets, just a short trip for three days. Here she is with her very fetching 'designer market' keep you warm hat ! Not one of my creations !

We flew from Edinburgh, leaving in very windy and cold conditions and expecting snow and worse in Prague. We were proved wrong as there was no snow just dry cold weather for all of our stay and not as cold as it was in Scotland !

Prague is very famous for its architecture but I'm afraid I do not have a very good eye for the details ! However, the astronomic clock in the old town square was a major landmark. Understanding the workings of the various dials on the clock required the purchase of a book on the subject. I have to confess to passing that on to husband Tony when we got home. Each hour on the hour, a huge crowd of people gathered in front of the clock to watch the animations happening as the clock struck......................

We did climb the tower, no we didn't use the lift !! What a wonderful view of the city we had from the top. So many red roofs on the houses and the Castle in the distance............

A lovely view of the Christmas market stalls and the tree in the Old Town Square........................

We found several groups of market stalls in different squares throughout the city but the main grouping was in the Old Town Square. Many of the stalls had Christmas decorations for sale often locally handmade. Others had a selection of local foodstuffs like Old Prague pork roasting on a spit ! 

We tried a sweet delicacy which was a sort of pastry wrapped around in a circle and cooked over a fire. Must admit it looked better than it tasted.............................

The good news was that everywhere you could buy hot mulled wine or hot cherry brandy just to keep the cold out !.......................

We walked out to the Charles Bridge, another famous Prague landmark and a venue for artists of all sorts. The bridge is lined on both sides with religious statues........................

Now, would you believe I found a weaver ! One of the market stalls had a small two shafted loom outside it with some plain weaving on it. The girl selling her weaving spoke very good English and was able to tell me that they have a bigger loom back at home and they weave plain weave by the yard. It then goes to somebody who converts it to bags and jackets and scarves.

I couldn't help thinking how fed up I would be just doing miles of plain weave all the time !!

We did buy our ration of Christmas decorations at the market stalls but Prague is well known for  puppetry and we came across a very nice hand crafted puppet shop. This is what came home with me ! She has had a slight modification since arriving in Scotland, a stiff rod up her back and no strings attached anymore ! Alison thought this was a sign of things to come maybe ! She is still looking for a name by the way .......................

She is beautifully made and well dressed even down to the knickerbockers ! Her legs are amazing, well carved wooden knees and ankles and nicely fitting clogs.

Talking of knitting ! You will not be surprised to know that I had with me a small knitting project.
A 2 ply cashmere cowl or neck warmer. The pattern is Pretty Thing to be found on Ravelry. The design is by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It was very easy to knit but I am looking for someone with a very long neck who could wear it ! I will make another one but reduce the length a bit as I am obviously a bit short in that department ! It is indeed a very pretty thing though and very cosy done in cashmere ! 

Well, I think that is the story of our trip to Prague. It was a good three days and really set us up for Christmas.

I think we are all organised now for the big day so all that remains for me to say is I hope you all will have a very Happy Christmas or Happy Holiday and enjoy the company of family and friends.
I have so appreciated your support and encouragement as I write this blog and it is great to have some wonderful friends out there.

I'll be back with more soon...............happy holiday weaving maybe !


  1. Isn't Prague a lovely place to be?we were there a few years ago, in the middle of summer, but it looks great around Christmas, too.
    I love you puppet!
    Bored with plain weave? No! So much can be done in plain weave! (says somebody who uses 32shafts sometimes) but I still love to try out colours and yarn structure in plain weave. Trouble is it goes so quickly and you have to keep warping the loom. Or make very long warps, which is really boring.

  2. Good morning, Dorothy! What a beautiful tour you've taken us on with this post! How wonderful to be in the proximity of so many beautiful *old* cities. I think, perhaps, my favorite part is your wonderful marionette. What a wonderfully expressive face! Thank you for sharing, and a very, very Merry Christmas to you and Tony and the girls!!

  3. Hi Dorothy,
    You write such a wonderful story about your travels and always include such wonderful pictures .... I always feel that I was on the trip as well. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Holiday Season. Weaverly yours ... Barbara

  4. the first name what came into my mind was "Oma Trude" that is who she reminds me of.
    Frohe Weihnachten wünscht Sylvia

  5. It has been great to re-visit Prague with you. Just as pretty a city as I remember.
    I am impressed how you manage to find a loom just about everywhere you go :-)I do agree with your notion that just doing plain weave for fabric for others to sew into bags would be boring.
    What a lovely old Granny you took home with you. Perhaps you have a beloved old relative in your memories you'd want to name her after?
    I like the cowl! I am wearing a cashmere cowl myself these days.

  6. What a marvelous travelogue, Dorothy! I could almost smell that pork roast (must be getting close to dinner time). Welcome home!